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Using a light but practical tone, Manskills covers everything a man needs to know in today's world. You'll find essential tips on home repair, car repair, electronics, cleaning, personal grooming, fine dining, traveling, etiquette, outdoor skills and the fine art of conversation. It's your comprehensive guide to impressing the masses!Blending the perfect one is a way to make sure youa#39;re the one man everybody absolutely has to have at their summer party. When you think of a margarita, ... A real margarita is mixed straight up and served over ice cubes, just like Old Montezuma meant it to be. A greata€”truly ... a shaker half full of ice and add three parts tequila, two parts fresh squeezed lime juice, and two parts Cointreau. Stir or shakeanbsp;...

Author:Chris Peterson
Publisher:Creative Publishing International - 2011-07-01


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