Many Faces of Love

Many Faces of Love

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What do we actually talk about when we talk about love? Research on love and emotions has been met with suspicion although people live in a network of relationships from birth to death, and the ability to build and maintain relationships is an important strength. This book provides a comprehensive research-based analysis of love in human life: romantic love and its ups and downs, and the fascination of love, the combination of work and family, the secrets of a long-lasting marriage, senior love, and the throes and relief of a divorce. Love is also discussed in relation to other phenomena, such as friendship, play, and creativity. In addition, themes of parental love and pedagogical love, and the ability to love, as well as dark sides of love are introduced. Love is worth cherishing and practicing. Other peoplea€™s experiences may be helpful, and information about the nature of love can relieve the pain. Thus, love, in its various forms, makes the best health insurance! This book is meant for everyone interested in love but also for professionals in various fields, such as psychologists, educators, and couple and family counselors. The book is based on authors Prof. Kaarina MAcActtAca€™s and Dr. Satu Uusiauttia€™s extensive research on love at the University of Lapland, Finland.What did you find attractive in him/her? ... 36 of the respondents were women and 10 were men. ... People tend to find their way to the company of their ilk and then personality traits, hobbies, values, and attitudes or religious and political viewsanbsp;...

Title:Many Faces of Love
Author:Kaarina Määttä, Satu Uusiautti
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-04-19


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