Marathon: The Battle That Changed Western Civilization

Marathon: The Battle That Changed Western Civilization

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Published to coincide with Marathon's 2500th anniversary, a riveting history of the historic battle The Battle of Marathon in 490 B.C. is not only understood as the most decisive event in the struggle between the Greeks and the Persians, but can also be seen as perhaps the most significant moment in our collective history. 10, 000 Athenian citizens faced a Persian military force of more than 25, 000. Greek victory appeared impossible, but the men of Athens were tenacious and the Persians were defeated. Following the battle, the Athenian hoplite army ran 26.5 miles from Marathon to Athens to defend their port from the Persian navy. Although they had just run the great distance in heavy armor, the Athenians won the battle and drove the Persian forces from Attica. Greek freedom ensued and the achievements of the culture became much of the basis for Western civilization. In this comprehensive and engrossing treatment, Richard Billows captures the drama of that day 2500 years ago and the ramifications it has had throughout Western history.But they are not the Marathon runs for professional athletes, who have met a qualifying time, at the Olympics and other ... Tokyoa€”with their thousands and thousands of enthusiastic a€œamateura€ runnersa€”that is, runners who run for pure love of doing so, rather ... athletes were professionals, and the a€œamateurisma€ of the early modern Olympics was a Victorian ideal that had nothing to do with ancient Greece.

Title:Marathon: The Battle That Changed Western Civilization
Author:Richard Billows
Publisher:The Overlook Press - 2011-11-01


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