Marching Through Peachtree

Marching Through Peachtree

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A terrible civil war was tearing apart the kingdom of Detina, a land which could no longer be half serf and half free. When the new ruler, King Avram, decided to liberate the blond serfs upon which the northern provinces depended, the north rebelled, taking Grand Duke Geoffrey as their King. Neither side expected an easy victory. The south was larger and wealthier, but the north had better soldiers and more powerful wizards. Led by officers riding unicorns, supplied by flying carpets, both sides had clashed for three bloody years, as the tide slowly turned against the north. But the war was far from over: The north had found a far more competent general, and he was determined to hold Peachtree Province. When the southrons attacked, they faced formidable obstacles both natural and manmade, as well as the deadly repeating crossbows of the northern rebels and the sorcerous storm and lightning wielded by the northern wizards. Still, the very survival of Detina as one united realm was at stake, and King Avram's forces had no choice but to attack, no matter what the odds, no matter how desperate the situation...Even before it did, though, someone pounded on the farmhouse door. ... He unlatched the door and eyed the runner waiting there. ... With all the laudanum he drank, his lance didna#39;t stand and charge the way it had before he got hurt, either.

Title:Marching Through Peachtree
Author:Harry Turtledove
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-04-23


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