Margarita Nights

Margarita Nights

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Margarita Nights is a cozy with grit, serving Jack Daniels instead of tea. In a small Florida beach town, Sherri Travis is a bartender with an inconveniently murdered husband who turns out to be as much trouble to her dead as he was alive.Sifting through the debris of Jimmy's life, Sherri finds more than a few people who wanted her lying, scheming, scam artist husband gone -- but which one actually did the deed?The police are sure that Sherri rigged Jimmy's boat to blow up so they don't really pay attention when she tells them someone tried to kill her. And when a second man dies, well that's just one more thing dropped at Sherri's door. As Sherri says, qIt's nice to be popular but it's hell to be the rage.qBy the window overlooking the parking lot, a television was fixed, high up on the wall. Underneath, on a battered folding TV tray, was a VCR with a wedding picture sitting on top of it, Jimmy and me with Marley and Andy on either side of us, smiling like wea#39;d just won the lotto. ... I knew I wouldna#39;t find Jimmya#39;s tape but I was hoping I might find a copy of Casablanca. ... I stuck my fingers in the tape holder.

Title:Margarita Nights
Author:Phyllis Smallman
Publisher:Phyllis Smallman - 2011


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