Marijuana Recipes and Remedies for Healthy Living

Marijuana Recipes and Remedies for Healthy Living

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Marijuana is a palliative, an analgesic with anti-inflammatory properties a€”a€”it alleviates pain without addictive effects experienced with narcotics. You might think of marijuana as being something like an herbal aspirin. In fact, it was used in folk medicines like aspirin for thousands of years to soothe aches and pains before aspirin was discovered. When hearing marijuana most of us call up an image of recreational smoking to a€œget higha€. Being in the high-state actually promotes wellness. Being high feels good and feeling good encourages healing and homeostasis. Most of us, however, are less familiar with the other ways in which one can use marijuana as a remedy for aliments that diminish quality of lifea€”like aching muscles from over exertion or spinal misalignment, for example. Actually the list of aliments that can be soothed with medical marijuana is quite long. It is important to emphasize that marijuana does not a€œcurea€; rather it soothes and alleviates and in so doing we feel better and heal faster. This comes from its palliative qualities. Marijuanaa€™s palliative qualities can be delivered in a variety of ways: smoking, eating, rubbing into the skin. Each of these delivery methods has special benefits, which are compared and contrasted in MARIJUANA RECIPES AND REMEDIES. In addition to the delicious foods described, MARIJUANA RECIPES AND REMEDIES tells how to extract the beneficial chemicals from the herba€”its essencea€”to make tinctures and ointments good for massaging aching muscles, soothing bug bites. MARIJUANA RECIPES AND REMEDIES offers many easy, delicious, nutritious recipes, including desserts of all kinds, breads, main courses, and elixirs. It also teaches principlesa€”such as using butter to extract the essencea€”so that you can experiment with your own recipe development. What fun! Most cookbooks tell you how to cook a€œfrom scratcha€, which is great if youa€™re a cook and you have enough time. But many us arena€™t a€œcooksa€a€”yet we would like to incorporate marijuana herbals in our menu. MARIJUANA RECIPES AND REMEDIES is unique in that it shows how to use inexpensive, off-the-shelf, ready-made mixes you can find at the corner store to make some fabulous cannabis cuisine. How to convert off-the-shelf lotions into something fit for Cleopatraa€”well, almost!RAGRANCE AND HEALING CHEMICALS from the medicinal plants, including marijuana, can be infused intoessential oils, also called infused oils, which can be ... It is best to make only small quantities because oils gorancid pretty quickly.

Title:Marijuana Recipes and Remedies for Healthy Living
Author:Mary Stawell
Publisher:Ronin Publishing - 2011-09-30


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