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Presents two hundred recipes for meat, fish, and vegetable marinades, including Tex-Mex marinade, smoky bacon marinade, wasabi marinade, and caramel-vanilla syrup, and provides a preparation guideline for each marinade recipe.MarinaTing inside a zip-top baga€”the 1-gallon size works besta€”allows you to minimize the amount of marinade necessary for any food. ... Seal the bag, pressing out all the air as you do, and refrigerate the whole thing until ita#39;s time to cooka€”you dona#39;t even have ... so in general, 1/2 cup of marinade is enough for 4 chicken breasts, pork chops, steaks, fish fillets, or thick slabs of tofu, and 3/4 cup is aboutanbsp;...

Author:Lucy Vaserfirer
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2014


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