Marine Painting Manual

Marine Painting Manual

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It is a pleasure to introduce to the reader this new Marine Painting Manual. The previous edition, entitled Ship Painting Manual, was published in 1975. Since then a number of new technological developments have taken place. Also, standards with regard to safety, health and the environment have become more severe. These changes called for a thoroughly revised and updated Marine Painting Manual. I believe that the editor should be congratulated on having completed this task in such a commendable way. I hope that this new volume will find as enthusiastic a response among those concerned with maritime affairs as its predecessor did some fifteen years ago. Dr. Jan Raat Director Netherlands Foundation for the Co-ordination of Maritime Research INTRODUCTION The qMarine Painting Manualq sets out to provide clear guidelines for the effective protection of marine structures, ocean-going vessels and offshore platforms. Painting is a high cost procedure and is a crucial factor in determining the life and subsequent maintenance of steel structures in the marine environment. The book is a follow-up to the qShip Painting Manualq published in 1975. It has been completely revised, partly rewritten and an additional chapter on offshore structures included. The present volume contains detailed and up-to-date information on all aspects of the preparation and painting for the protection of marine structures. The following chapters are included: 1. The protection of different parts of ships under construction. 2. The protection of different parts of offshore structures under construction. 3. Surface preparation.... water relative to: Secondary phenomena of cathodic protection Ag/AgCl |Cu/ CuSO4 |Zn/Sea water (Sea water) - 300 - 350 + 750 Severe corrosion - 400 - 450 + 650 No cathodic Normal - 500 - 550 + 550 protection corrosion * W - 600 - 650 +anbsp;...

Title:Marine Painting Manual
Author:A.M. Berendsen
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-06-29


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