Mark and the Mystic Marble

Mark and the Mystic Marble

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A marble is just a marblea€”unless ita€™s a magic marble. And a troubled teen is just a troubled teen, unless that teen is Mark. After watching his mother die in a terrible car accident, Mark gives up on life. He loses interest in school, family, and friends, and unexpectedly, he heads off in search of meaninga€”and an escape from the pain he feels over the loss of his loving moma€”with only her favorite marble to protect him. His trip takes him as far away as Florida to San Francisco, California; all the while, his frantic father, Willis, still mourning the death of his wife, is on the search for his lost son. Willis fears the worst; he has come to expect as much. Just like his son, he finds himself in a state of disrepair over losing the love of his life. All the while, the marble glows, making Mark wonder whether the marble has a special power. Mark and the Mystic Marble is a story of surviving tragic circumstances and seeking identity even in the face of terrible challenge. Mark has choices on his lonely road. He can choose to continue running from his painful past, or he can choose to turn back and face his problems with love, understanding, and power. It is ultimately Marka€™s choice, but the marble may have its own ideas, as well.favorite town.a€ John should have been a tour director. After two hours of sight seeing, he swung into a parking lot behind a long twostory building. ... All of the buildings appeared tobe in good repair. All were freshly painted.There wasnothinganbsp;...

Title:Mark and the Mystic Marble
Author:Will Kalinke
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2010-12-30


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