Marketing for Entrepreneurs ePub

Marketing for Entrepreneurs ePub

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Entrepreneurs are great at coming up with new ideas and, often by sheer passion alone, getting their business started. But for long-term success they must be aware of the secrets of marketing. Even if they don't always market their product themselves, they need to understand the processes enough to ensure that the job is being done well. The book identifies marketing as the entire process of researching, creating, distributing and selling the product or service. It isna€™t about theory and metrics; instead, ita€™s a practical guide that starts with the basis of all marketing: the proper mindset. The book: de-mystifies branding, showing how it is never a process undertaken for its own sake (or for creating sexy brochures or websites), but in order to burn the uniqueness of the business into the minds of customers. offers an extensive toolkit that includes the power of outsourcing and networking and the latest techniques in establishing rapport, communicating with the use of questions, and the power of language patterns in speech and written copy. shows how to use both new and old media to best effect, with special attention to blogs, podcasts, viral videos, and social networking sites. shows how to put all of these elements together into a marketing master plan that you can formulate a one-year plan and then break down into a six-month, three month, and one month segments.If youa#39;re producing a vlog, you will need a reliable video camera, but it doesna#39;t need to be an expensive one if you are going to distribute the material only on the internet. You can use the video function of your digital camera or one of the inexpensive and simple video recorders, like the Flip, for brief interviews and for ... At the time of writing, iMovie 6 is still available via download and I find it preferable toanbsp;...

Title:Marketing for Entrepreneurs ePub
Author:Jurgen Wolff
Publisher:Pearson UK - 2013-07-25


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