Markets in Vice, Markets in Virtue

Markets in Vice, Markets in Virtue

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What have the market forces of supply and demand to do with making the tax system more equitable? John Braithwaite argues that the competition policies that attack monopolies to ensure vigorous price competition and more efficient production of goods also drive more efficient production of a€œbadsa€. Tax avoidance, like any good or service, follows market logic: as the supply increases, so does the demand. Braithwaite makes this argument and explores its implications through a detailed comparative case study of taxation in the United States and Australia. He shows that it is possible to a€œflipa€ markets in the vice of tax avoidance to markets in the virtue of tax system integrity. Braithwaite sets out specific regulatory strategies and gives examples of how these might be applied. The result is a blueprint for restoring the equity of Western tax systems and a breakthrough theory of how regulators can support markets in virtue and curtail markets in vice. Markets in Vice, Markets in Virtue is essential reading for anyone involved in policy, governance and regulation. It has profound implications for business, and is of special interest to those working in taxation.Crafting. specific. enforcement. pyramids. for. specific. schemes. The Commissioner and his most senior people think responsively about how to attack specific schemes that pose a looming threat to the revenue. One lawyer involved with taxanbsp;...

Title:Markets in Vice, Markets in Virtue
Author:John Braithwaite
Publisher:Federation Press - 2005


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