Married But Available

Married But Available

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The much awaited sequel to the bestselling Mediocre But Arrogant The first ten years are the most eventful, they say, in anybody's working life. They certainly are in the case of Abbey, who walks into a job at Balwanpur Industries, fresh from B-school. Working in HR is fun, he soon discovers. What isn'tis the fact that there's hardly anybody in the company who doesn't have a view of who Abbey is and what Abbey doesa€”or should do. Add to this the complications of being newly married to a woman more successful than he is, a crusty boss, and a sudden turn in the company's fortunes that catches Abbey unawares. It's up to him now, to apply all that HR wisdom learnt in business school to the dilemmas confronting him at work and in love. Can he hold down his job or will it end the way his marriage threatens toa€”rapidly and without too many regrets?They told me it would take four hours to cook the same amount of rice again and it would disrupt the service for the other shifts. ... Captain Sobti ate the rice and sambar with relish and Arai, for want of anything else to do, resumed his lunch.

Title:Married But Available
Author:Abhijit Bhaduri
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers - 2012-08-29


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