Married to the Man

Married to the Man

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Reunited qReading a Judith Arnold book is like eating chocolatea€”I can never get enough.q a€”RomEx Reviews WHAT IF YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE DIVORCEDa€”AND FOUND OUT YOU WERE STILL MARRIED TO THE MAN? If you're Jane Thayer, successful Boston lawyer and highly organized person, you hightail it to New Orleans, where your ex-husband lives. Well, he's not really ex, but that's what you're going to fix. Especially since you're engaged to Mark Dennison, a much more suitable man. But Cody Sinclair, the love matcha€”and mismatcha€”of your younger days, isn't so sure he wants that divorce. Now what? His bad-boy ways used to thrill youa€”maybe they still do. Oh, oh. You and he make a deal: you get your divorce in exchange for helping him fight a sleazy lawsuit. Cody drags you through the steamy streets of New Orleansa€”not what you're used to. But the experience is instructive nonetheless. Because you find out that first love isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's more! First Lovea€b Last Loveaquot;I could give him your name and see if hea#39;s interested. ... aquot;Ia#39;m just wondering, how much would it cost for you to tell us where Stanley Roberts lives? ... The scarf set off the highlights in her brown hair, the creamy undertone of her complexion.

Title:Married to the Man
Author:Judith Arnold
Publisher:Harlequin - 2011-07-15


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