Marshall’s Marauders

Marshall’s Marauders

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The story of Marshall Rooker becoming the nation's most decorated war hero ever. Marshall Rooker is an infantry officer headed to fight in the Vietnam War. He is unsure of himself and how best to protect his men. The book takes this young country high school athlete and molds him into a war hero. While performing he is wounded and almost dies while winning the Medal of Honor. He feels he was only doing his assigned tasks and protecting his men and shuns any publicity. After winning the Medal of Honor he is asked to lead one more mission into Cambodia.I saw where the enemy was and emptied my magazine into him, and then I checked to make sure they were all dead.a€ I said, a€œI want all the ... Can you please throw a smoke grenade so they can see where you are located.a€ a€œWill do. I have twoanbsp;...

Title:Marshall’s Marauders
Author:Allan Lobeck - 2015-05-04


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