Martin Luther: Catholic Critical Analysis and Praise

Martin Luther: Catholic Critical Analysis and Praise

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The views set forth here are certainly one-sided, and purposely so, in order to form a conscious counter-argument to the accepted Protestant a€œmythology, a€ so to speak, of Martin Luther. His many commendable qualities are well covered in any Protestant biography (and some can be rightly classified as virtual a€œhagiographiesa€). The full, multi-faceted, complex truth concerning important historical figures is invariably more fascinating than the usual myths that circulate about. I aim to present Luther as he was: no more, no less: as fairly as I can, but a€œwarts and all, a€ too. I do not regard Luther (like many Catholic biographers and critics throughout history) as an essentially a€œevila€ or a€œbada€ man. I dona€™t deny his good intentions and sincerity at all. Part Two: the a€œpraisea€ section of this book, runs 83 pages, or about 34% of all the material from Chapter One to the Bibliography.I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate. Now if I do what I do not want, I agree that the law is good. So then it is no longer I that do it, but sin which dwells within me. For I know that nothinganbsp;...

Title:Martin Luther: Catholic Critical Analysis and Praise
Author:Dave Armstrong
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2013-03-14


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