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In its conventional meaning, masquerade refers to a festive gathering of people wearing masks and elegant costumes. But traditional forms of masquerade have evolved over the past century to include the representation of alternate identities in the media and venues of popular culture, including television, film, the internet, theater, museums, sports arenas, popular magazines and a range of community celebrations, reenactments and conventions. This collection of fresh essays examine the art and function of masquerade from a broad range of perspectives. From African slave masquerade in New World iconography, to the familiar Guy Fawkes masks of the Occupy movement, to the branded identities created by celebrities like Madonna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga, the essays show how masquerade permeates modern life.This is not theatre costume, but costume that brings out the alter ego hidden in the person. This is ... Furthermore, a woman may take on a male character, but make a female version of that same character. ... a€œSailor Moona€ seems particularly prone to this kind of group costuming, as an Anime cartoon showing the magical anbsp;...

Author:Deborah Bell
Publisher:McFarland - 2015-01-31


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