Mass Affluence

Mass Affluence

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Forget mass customization and microsegmentation. Winning in today's business world requires a return to an approach abandoned by marketing experts decades ago. Mass marketing is back, say Paul Nunes and Brian Johnsona€”but with a new target and a fresh approach that companies ignore at their peril. Whereas the mass marketing concepts of the 1950s consisted of lowest common denominator strategies aimed at the qmiddle class, q Nunes and Johnson argue that the rules of mass marketing must be rewritten to appeal to today's burgeoning mass of differenta€”and far more affluenta€”consumers. The qmoneyed massesq have more disposable income than ever, and research shows the richest among them are not spending up to their potentiala€”thus creating a windfall of opportunity for marketers. Based on extensive consumer research, Mass Affluence outlines seven new rules for capturing this largely ignored market and reveals how innovative companies are already employing them to launch billion-dollar industries in categories from oral care to homebuilding to exotic automobiles. A sea change in marketing is underwaya€”and future growth and profitability will belong to the companies that woo and win today's affluent mass market.In 2002, automakers sold 600, 000 of these models, an increase of 20 percent over the previous year.30 This type of entry-level demand ... SUV and A Class lines, the subsequent rise in vehicle problems caused Mercedes to rate a surprisingly low thirteenth ... For example, some industry critics and auto aficionados were disturbed to learn that Ford had decided to build Jaguara#39;s entry- level X-Type on theanbsp;...

Title:Mass Affluence
Author:Paul Nunes, Brian Johnson
Publisher:Harvard Business Press - 2004


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