Mass Killers

Mass Killers

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Mass Killers investigates those addicted to death. Many killers have become dangerously hooked on the thrill of the kill, driving them to commit even more extreme acts of violence in pursuit of their drug of choice - the suffering of others. This fascinating book is not for the faint hearted. It contains graphic descriptions of murder on a massive scale and looks closely at the lives of the damaged and deranged men and women who have perpetrated history's most horrific crimes Contents: Crimes against Humanity including Vlad the Impaler, Nazi Crimes, Japanese Crimes, Killing Fields of Cambodia Spree Killers including Charles Starkweather, University of Texas, Hungerford, Dunblane, Virginia Tech Serial Killers including Andrei Chikatilo, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Harold Shipman... Kipland P.Kinkel was making the twentyminute driveto schoolinhis mothera#39;s Ford Explorer from his home in the towna#39;s ShangriLa suburb. ... Korey Ewert had stolen thegun from the father of one ofhisfriends and had arranged the sale with Kinkel the previous night. ... The owner ofthe gunreported its theft tothe police andhealso provided a list ofnames of students whom hebelieved might havetaken it, anbsp;...

Title:Mass Killers
Author:Bill Wallace
Publisher:Canary Press eBooks - 2011-08-05


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