Mastering Gradle

Mastering Gradle

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With Gradle, you can efficiently build automation framework along with some flexible alternatives to customized build logic. This book starts with sound basics about build automation and how Gradle fits into this automation. It then moves on to give you a good exposure on Groovya€”a scripting language used to write Gradlea€”and helps you understand a key elements of Groovy programming language. In the following chapters, you will deal with task management and learn how to integrate Ant tasks into build scripts. Furthermore, you will learn dependency management, plugin management, and its configuration techniques in Gradle. You will also get hands-on with building and testing projects using Gradle. You will then begin to cover diverse topics, such as Continuous Integration with Jenkins and TeamCity, Migration strategies, and Deployment, which enables you to learn concepts useful for Agile software development. Finally, you will also learn how to create a simple mobile application using Android and explore how Gradle can help you to build and test the application.+a#39; } In the build file, we have added additional configuration in the closure checkstyle { ... }. ... Checkstyle plugin provides the following tasks: a€c checkstyleMain: This executes Checkstyle against the Java source ... If you dona#39;t specify a version, Gradle downloads PMD version 5.1.1 by default. ... apply plugin: a#39;groovya#39; apply plugin: a#39;pmda#39; version = a#39;1.0a#39; apply plugin: a#39;groovya#39; apply plugin: a#39;eclipsea#39; apply plugin:anbsp;...

Title:Mastering Gradle
Author:Mainak Mitra
Publisher:Packt Publishing Ltd - 2015-07-31


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