Mastering Julia

Mastering Julia

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Julia is a well-constructed programming language with fast execution speed, eliminating the classic problem of performing analysis in one language and translating it for performance into a second. This book will help you develop and enhance your programming skills in Julia to solve real-world automation challenges. This book starts off with a refresher on installing and running Julia on different platforms. Next, you will compare the different ways of working with Julia and explore Julia's key features in-depth by looking at design and build. You will see how data works using simple statistics and analytics, and discover Julia's speed, its real strength, which makes it particularly useful in highly intensive computing tasks and observe how Julia can cooperate with external processes in order to enhance graphics and data visualization. Finally, you will look into meta-programming and learn how it adds great power to the language and establish networking and distributed computing with Julia.Virtual servers can be provisioned as Linux Virtual Machines based on either Ubuntu or Centos operating systems, and Google provides a ... including Cassandra, MongoDB, and Redis, plus popular web applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, and SugarCM. ... Also, there is a command line set of utilities bundled as an SDK, and after installing and configuring it with the developer console, youanbsp;...

Title:Mastering Julia
Author:Malcolm Sherrington
Publisher:Packt Publishing Ltd - 2015-07-22


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