Mastering the Model Shoot

Mastering the Model Shoot

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For the first time ever, world-famous photographer and fashion lighting instructor Frank Doorhof takes you behind the scenes to reveal every step of his model-photography workflowa€“the same workflow that has made him a hero to photographers around the world thanks to his practical, budget conscious, no-nonsense approach. In this groundbreaking book, Frank starts right at the beginning with how to find models, find great locations, work with backgrounds (youa€™ll be amazed at his tricks for creating stunning backgrounds for just a few bucks), and work by yourself or with a team (stylist, hair stylist, and makeup artist) to create an image that will get your photography noticed. Then, ita€™s on to an in-depth look at the lighting setups and looks that made Frank famous (complete with diagrams and detailed explanations). Youa€™ll see how Frank lights his images (youa€™ll be shocked at how simple most of his lighting setups are and youa€™ll be able to create these same setups yourself), plus he covers the critical little stuff nobody else is talking about, including: how to calibrate your monitor (and why ita€™s so important); how to use a color target to nail your color every single time; and why (and how) to use a light meter to get consistent, reproducible lighting each and every shoot. Frank also shares his own retouching techniques through step-by-step tutorials, and he takes you from start to finish through a number of different looks so you can see exactly how ita€™s done, and recreate these same looks yourself. If youa€™ve ever wished there was one book that covers it all, the whole process of photographing models from start to finish, not leaving anything out, then this is the book for you.Well, this last expression is very important when you shoot models or portraits. ... Leta#39;s pretend that for the last 10 years, supermodels were all models with XXL sizes and skin that was never fixed with Photoshop. Our image of beauty would be totally different, and we would look at skinny girls and not find them beautiful. ... your work is a lot harder (and trust me, both groups are large), because now you will have to make her look a lot better before she will say, a€œWow, is that me?

Title:Mastering the Model Shoot
Author:Frank Doorhof
Publisher:Peachpit Press - 2013-11-05


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