Mastering the Standard C++ Classes

Mastering the Standard C++ Classes

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Finally, in one book we have a complete and detailed explanation of the Standard C++ Class library. There have been books that discuss some features of the iostreams. There have been a few books that discuss various components of the Standard Template Library. But this book brings together in one place a complete tutorial and reference on the latest ANSI/ISO standard for C++ class library. This book is an easy to understand introduction to the object oriented components that are now part of the C++ language. This book takes a component approach towards explaining the standard C++ objects and how to use them. In this book you will find simple but complete coverage of * Object oriented Input and Output Using the Iostream classes * String class * Container classes and STL Algorithm Building Blocks * Exception Classes and Error Handling Objects * Language Support a Internationalization Classes * Iterator Classes * Numerics and Math Classes * Object Oriented Memory Management Components * Interfacing C++ objects with Java Objects Mastering The Essential C++ Classes shows the programmer how to use these built in components to speed up and simplify software development efforts of all sizes. The authors demonstrate how these components can be easily added together to build whatever kind of software object that is needed. The authors describe each component from the logical view, architectural view, and protocol view. This invaluable tutorial and reference shows how the standard C++ components fit together and how they can be combined with objects from other languages such as Java. Every example in this book is presented using the ANSI/ISO standards for the C++ classes and can be used in the Unix, Linux, MVS, VM, VMS, OS/2, Windows and Macintosh environments. The complete source code contained in this book can be found on the enclosed CD-ROM. The CD-ROM also contains a complete reference to the standard C++ classes. Cameron Hughes is a software engineer at Ctest Laboratories, and a staff programmer/analyst at Youngstown State University. He spends most of his time developing large scale C++ class libraries, inference engines and information analysis tools. Tracey Hughes is a senior programmer at Ctest laboratories specializing in pattern-recognition class libraries, discrete event simulation and image processing software. Tracey and Cameron are also the authors of Object-Oriented Multithreading Using C++, Collection and Container Classes in C++ and Object-Oriented I/O Using C++ Iostreams published by Wiley.An Essential Reference Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes. Listing 3.12 ( Continued) } while (! ... The ofstream class is derived from the basic_ostream class and is a specialized basic_ostream class. The ofstream class models the output fileanbsp;...

Title:Mastering the Standard C++ Classes
Author:Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes
Publisher:Wiley - 1999-07-05


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