Material Falsity and Error in Descartes' Meditations

Material Falsity and Error in Descartes' Meditations

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Material Falsity and Error in Descartesa€™s Meditations approaches Descartesa€™s Meditations as an intellectual journey, wherein Descartesa€™s views develop and change as he makes new discoveries about self, God and matter. The first book to focus closely on Descartesa€™s notion of material falsity, it shows how Descartesa€™s account of material falsity a€“ and correspondingly his account of crucial notions such as truth, falsehood and error a€“ evolves according to the epistemic advances in the Meditations. It also offers important new insights on the crucial role of Descartesa€™s Third Meditation discussion of material falsity in advancing many subsequent arguments in the Meditations. This book is essential reading for those working on Descartes and early modern philosophy. It presents an independent reading on issues of perennial interest, such as Descartesa€™s views on error, truth and falsehood. It also makes important contributions to topics that have been the focus of much recent scholarship, such as Descartesa€™s ethics and his theodicy. Those working on the interface between medieval and modern philosophy will find the discussions on Descartesa€™s debt to predecessors like SuAirez and Augustine invaluable.[Passage D] But since God is not a deceiver, it is quite clear that he does not emit the ideas to me either directly from himself, or indirectly, via some creature that contains the objective reality of the ideas not formally but only eminently.

Title:Material Falsity and Error in Descartes' Meditations
Author:Cecilia Wee
Publisher:Routledge - 2006-09-27


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