Materials in Art and Technology

Materials in Art and Technology

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Finally, a serious knowledgeable book explaining the world of materials a their technologies without requiring formal mathematics or previous background in the subject. The book has a broad-based appeal to anyone who has an interest in working with metals, ceramics a polymers. The author, a material scientist, is internationally known in the area of materials processing. Scientific properties a principles are clearly explained while the qhow-toq shape materials are illustrated, step-by-step. This book would be of special interest to: LIBRARIES as an excellent scientifically-grounded reference book that introduces the reader to materials, their properties a shaping techniques, while tracing the historical development of materials from early to modern times. ARCHAEOLOGISTS, ANTHROPOLOGISTS a HISTORIANS as a guide to the history of materials a their related technologies that have impacted cultures from ancient time to the present. Chinese bronzes, glassmaking a the secrets of Damascus steel are examined. SCULPTORS, JEWELRY MAKERS a MATERIAL PROCESSORS as a definitive guide to the understanding a shaping of materials. The reader will learn how to identify problems in shaping materials a how to correct them. Techniques from casting, welding, soldering to electroforming, integrated circuits a vapor deposition are discussed. Order directly from the publisher: Taylor Knowlton, 3213 Maplewood Circle, Ames, IA 50014. phone: 515-268-8141, fax: 515-268-8131, e-mail: 11-2 shows common silver solders which have a high silver content and that do not contain any cadmium. ... In addition, when a large number of joints are to be made on small sterling silver objects, the overall silver composition is notanbsp;...

Title:Materials in Art and Technology
Author:Rohit Trivedi
Publisher:Trimet - 1998


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