Math is Precise, Period, vs. Math is Precise, Strings Attached

Math is Precise, Period, vs. Math is Precise, Strings Attached

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This book is the outcome of my conclusion that current mathematics education, taken in total, is a disaster and that by sharing my experience and thoughts about teaching mathematics I might be helpful to colleagues, students, and others who are concerned about mathematics education to mitigate this state of affairs. Mathematics education disaster in what sense? No, it?s not in the sense that I believe insuffi cient attention is being given to number fundamentals. It has to do with the almost unanimously held erroneous view about the nature, precision, and infallibility of mathematics that we acquire from the current state of mathematics education. Current mathematics education does not prepare us for life in the 21st century, which requires an understanding of the mathematical modeling perspective, of what mathematics can do and its limitations, and an appreciation of the questions that should be considered to help us distinguish numbers that inform from those that deceive. If the wizards of Wall Street had a 21st century mathematics education, there is a good chance that they would not have put unquestioning faith in their value at risk math models and the fi nancial meltdown of 2008-09 would have been avoided, or at least softened. If the nation?s decision makers and the public at large were better educated about what questions to give thought to when numbers continually hurled at them are the basis for decision making, they would be less vulnerable to accepting faulty numbers and all of us would be less at risk to the consequences of bad decision making.Thisyields a cost figure of1.5 packs perday, times $4.00 perpack, times 365 days, equals $2, 190 per year, on average. ... yellow teeth, he mightrequire atleast one extra cleaninga year at, Jules thoughtit reasonableto assume, $90a cleaning.

Title:Math is Precise, Period, vs. Math is Precise, Strings Attached
Author:William J. Adams
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-01-18


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