Math Made a Bit Easier

Math Made a Bit Easier

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An independent book written and self-published by former math teacher and private math tutor Larry Zafran. Students are justified in proclaiming that qmath is hard, q but there is a specific reason why they feel this way. The author maintains that the struggle can be lessened by following the roadmap presented, but it will take time and effort on the part of the student. Since math is often not properly taught, it is often not properly learned. Anything that hasn't truly been learned, regardless of subject, is qhard.q Once the various concepts are more secure, and the student's gaps in understanding have been addressed, math will have been made qa bit easierq as promised by the book's title. However, the book does not imply that learning math is fast, fun, or easy. Most of the book's content is comprised of the roadmap of topics for a student to work through at his/her own pace. Like all paths, it begins at the beginning, in this case starting with a review of basic arithmetic, followed by basic operations, negative numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, and basic probability and statistics. This is the foundation of all math. The space devoted to each topic is proportional to how difficult most students find the topic, as well as how important the topic is in preparation for later math studies. The material is explained conversationally and qin plain Englishq as promised by the book's subtitle, without talking down to the reader, and without the use of contrived examples or cartoonish illustrations. The book concludes with a chapter on how to effectively study math and improve scores on exams. Like the rest of the book, the chapter takes a unique standpoint on the matter, and offers suggestions which include how to get oneself into the proper mental and emotional mindset for being successful with math.For example, is usually read as a€šseven squared, a€› but it would not be wrong to read it as a€šseven to the power of 2, a€› or a€šseven to the second power.a€› To review, the notation means to take the base of 7 and multiply two occurrences of it together.

Title:Math Made a Bit Easier
Author:Larry Zafran
Publisher:Larry Zafran - 2009-11-02


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