Math Stories For Problem Solving Success

Math Stories For Problem Solving Success

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This second edition of the popular math teaching resource book Math Stories for Problem Solving Success offers updated true-to-life situations designed to motivate teenagers to use math skills for solving everyday problems. The book features intriguing short stories followed by sets of problems related to the stories that are correlated to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Each of the easy-to-read stories is followed by three increasingly difficult groups of problem sets. This makes it simple for teachers to select the appropriate problem set for students of different abilities and at different grade levels. To further enhance student involvement, the stories feature recurring characters and can be used either sequentially or out of order. The problems in the book cover many basic math topics, including decimals, fractions, and percents; measurement; geometry; data, statistics, and probability; algebra; and problem solving. In addition to having all the answers, an Answer Key at the end of the book offers explanations and background information about the problems that can be helpful to both teachers and students. Math Stories for Problem Solving Success will help you show students that math is something they are already using every day.32-minute call (see Problem 3); first 3 minutes cost $.35; 29 minutes at $.09 each $2.61; $.35 $2.61 $2.96 total; $7.04 (see ... Step 1: E picks up B at position 2 and pulls it to position 4 connecting with car A. Step 2: E reverses direction andanbsp;...

Title:Math Stories For Problem Solving Success
Author:James L. Overholt, Nancy H. Aaberg, James Lindsey
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2008-03-07


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