Mathematical Interest Theory

Mathematical Interest Theory

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Mathematical Interest Theory gives an introduction to how investments grow over time in a mathematically precise manner. The emphasis is on practical applications that give the reader a concrete understanding of why the various relationships should be true. Among the modern financial topics introduced are: arbitrage, options, futures, and swaps. The content of the book, along with an understanding of probability, will provide a solid foundation for readers embarking on actuarial careers.Mathematical Interest Theory includes more than 240 carefully worked examples. There are over 430 problems, and numerical answers are included in an appendix. A companion student solution manual has detailed solutions to the odd-numbered problems. Key Features a€c Detailed instruction on how to use the Texas Instruments BA II Plus and BA II Plus professional calculators. a€c Examples are worked out with the problem and solution delineated so that the reader can think about the problem before reading the solution presented in the text a€c Key formulas, facts and algorithms placed in boxes so that they stand out in the text, and new terms printed in boldface as they are introduced a€c Descriptive titles are given for the examples in the book, ( i.e., a€œFinding a(t) from ?ta€ or a€œFinding a bond's yield ratea€ )to help students skimming the book quickly find relevant material.a€c Exercises feature applied financial questions, a€c Writing activities for each chapter introduce each homework set.The BA II Plus calculator has many other features that you may enjoy using. You are encouraged to browse through the instruction manual produced by Texas Instruments. In particular you might appreciate accessing your last answer byanbsp;...

Title:Mathematical Interest Theory
Author:Leslie Vaaler, James Daniel
Publisher:MAA - 2009-02-19


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