Maths and English

Maths and English

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The Basics Manual is a no-nonsense approach to helping young people achieve full potential in their primary and secondary education. It has been written by an experienced primary and secondary teacher, and education adviser, and is designed for parents and young people to practise regularly at home, in their own time. It does not seek to take the place of the teacher, but to consolidate, and expand upon, the work done in school, though it can be used independently of the school curriculum. It provides a down-to-earth, comprehensive course in the maths, English grammar and English usage necessary for success at secondary stage, by reinforcing fundamental techniques and processes. The series lays stress on constant, daily practice in the basic skills. Maths Alpha asks that, at first, pupils put aside the calculator, and work out calculations independently so that they understand the actual processes of what they are doing, and until fully secure in the basic techniques. Grammar Alpha Secondary school teachers often complain that they have to teach pupils basic English grammar before they can begin to teach them a foreign language. Grammar Alpha ensures that the 11-12 year olds will have the advantage of a thorough knowledge of basic grammar and usage on entering secondary education. The Basics Manual builds up the confidence to tackle new concepts in English and other languages, science, maths and technical subjects.

Title:Maths and English
Author:K. M. MacPhee
Publisher:Authors Online Limited - 2010-04


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