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Lieutenant Anthony Sattill, head of Manhattan's Crime Analysis Team, is assigned to investigate murders at the Neighborhood Financial a Legal Services. The case is very personal to Sattill because the wife of his best friend is one of the victims. The investigation starts with the murders at the storefront and wends its way to a rave, a street gang, the murder of a policewoman, a federal drug bust, and a beacon of hope to the downtrodden. Why do Sattill's superiors allow his team to be lead investigators in this case that is well beyond the scope of their usual role in the Department? How can the team find the clues that unlock the mystery of a crime that leads to other crimes that give rise to even more questions? With federal agencies stonewalling them, Sattill's team must connect diverse leads, disparate facts, and hidden meanings to reach the logical conclusion: that someone of great influence is behind these horrific events. As the team gets close to solving the case, evil lashes out until the final crime and its connection to the others reveals truth.On the job, at the garage or under repair. My guess is that the ... We checked with the owners, all of whom claim their cars were garaged during the plate disappearance. None of the ... There was black paint scraped off onto the car. Thus, thereanbsp;...

Author:John Andes
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08-01


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