Matter, Acceleration, Time, and Existence

Matter, Acceleration, Time, and Existence

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Will the physical universe come to an end? When will it happen? What role will time play in the series of events before and after? Do God and Satan exist and what role, if any, do they play in the demise of the universe? Is there is any hope for man and can his extinction be prevented? The answers to these questions have plagued mankind for millennia. The author takes a novel approach to why the universe will end and details the basis for the single scientific phenomenon that will cause it to come about. The questions posed and many others are answered from both scientific and philosophical points-of-view in this timely book. Is this book science fiction or scientific certainty? You need to know. This is a must-read.In 1915, Albert Einstein, also cited earlier, formulated a new theory of gravity that came to be called the general theory of relativity. The theorya#39;s ... According to the theory, gravity causes space to become curved; more importantly, gravity affects time and causes it to slow down. Einstein also ... The reader does not need to understand the basis for the theories of Einstein and the laws of Newton. You onlyanbsp;...

Title:Matter, Acceleration, Time, and Existence
Author:Paul Reneau
Publisher:Dorrance Publishing - 2012-05-14


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