Maximum Brainpower

Maximum Brainpower

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a€œA wonderfully helpful book . . . After reading it, you will understand what you must do for your brain, and why you must do it.a€a€”Norman Doidge, M.D., New York Timesbestselling author of The Brain That Changes Itself Did you know that experts are often less mentally agile than jacks-of-all-trades? That crossword puzzles and sudoku are of minimal help in building brainpower? That multitasking poses unique dangers to the brain? Cognitive psychologist Shlomo Breznitz knowsa€”and whata€™s more, he knows what to do about it. In Maximum Brainpower, Breznitz and technologist Collins Hemingway provide both an in-depth look at how the brain works and proven methods to increase its capabilities. Armed with the results of cutting-edge research, they champion the stimulus of continual change over the deadening effects of comfortable routine, show how to separate good mental stress from bad, and demonstrate how hope and socialization can help defend against forgetfulness, memory loss, even dementia. Filled with colorful real-life stories and fascinating psychological experiments, this revelatory work will help adults of any age keep their minds sharp, healthy, and cognitively fit throughout life. Ita€™s a no-brainer! Praise for Maximum Brainpower a€œEveryone knows the importance of physical fitness; less appreciated is the necessity of cognitive fitness. How do you maintain an exercised, stimulated, flexible brain? Start by reading this book.a€a€”David Eagleman, New York Times bestselling author of Incognito a€œProfound, rich, and enriching . . . Because of its forceful suggestions, its analyses, and its wide knowledge, this book is well worth reading. And rereading.a€a€”Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and author a€œMany of us are petrified of Alzheimera€™s disease, strokes, and other maladies that impair the functioning of the brain. Breznitz and Hemingway can deliver no a€˜magic bulleta€™ to prevent dementia. But their book does get you thinking about what you can do to develop and maintain your gray matter, build on the plasticity of the brain, and increase the likelihood that youa€™ll live not just a longer but a fuller life.a€a€”The Huffington Post a€œMost books about healthy brain maintenance just give you the a€˜howa€™; this one tells you why. And it helps you do it.a€a€”Rita Carter, author of Mapping the MindNot only will stepping back stop us from fixating on a particular solution, but it will also open up new possibilities. ... gavel, sign holder, grappling hook, garden spade, ballast for a toy boat, sounding device to measure fluid levels in a tank, and as a totem and symbol of tribal leadership (see The Earth Ahides). ... All of the garages have boxes of odd metal parts, which all eventually get used. ... It would have taken several days to arrive, and the whole fiasco would have cost a fortune.

Title:Maximum Brainpower
Author:Shlomo Breznitz, Collins Hemingway
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2012-06-26


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