Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat

Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat

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Diet and fitness books appear at a dizzying rate a€“ and with a wealth of dubious claims a€“ in a culture facing increasing health problems based on a sedentary lifestyle. Ori Hofmeklera€™s Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat pulls out of the pack by focusing on the biological principles that dictate muscle gain and fat loss. Written for the widest readershipa€“competitive athletes, bodybuilders, trainers, martial artists, sports nutritionists and coaches, dieters, and anyone concerned about their healtha€“the book builds on the concepts popularized in The Warrior Diet. Author Hofmekler describes in simple, lay terms how under-eating and fasting can trigger an anabolic switch that stimulates growth and rejuvenation; how to reengineer the body at the cellular level to burn fat and build muscles; and how to naturally manipulate the bodya€™s hormones for rapid muscle fusion and faster fat breakdown. Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat offers smart strategies for taking advantage of hunger to stimulate growth, burn fat, and boost brain power; techniques for turning insulin into a muscle builder instead of a fat gainer; and methods for shattering training and diet plateausa€“in the process enhancing metabolic function, improving performance, and increasing the capacity to gain, and sustain, prime health. From the Trade Paperback edition.To take full advantage of this powerful dietary cycle and to avoid metabolic decline and muscle breakdown, you should ... and exercise all force your body to activate and reactivate anabolic states in which the body is pushed to break, repair, anbsp;...

Title:Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat
Author:Ori Hofmekler
Publisher:North Atlantic Books - 2010-06-15


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