May God Have Mercy on Your Soul

May God Have Mercy on Your Soul

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Houston is a big city, with a crime rate to match that of most big cities. Violent crimes occur daily. On this particular day, Matt Wakefield, a young HPD Robbery Investigator was dispatched to a robbery by firearms at a convenience store, with added info of a€œShots Fired!a€ A two-time ex-con had attempted a carjacking. Matt arrived after the victim was rushed to a hospital by a Houston Fire Department ambulance. There, he learned Alice Renfro was DOA, and met her husband, Jim. Capital Murder charges would now take precedence over robbery charges. A suspect, identified by a witness, was arrested blocks from the scene. Jim was stunned at the loss of his beloved wife. Matt tried to comfort the devastated man, staying with him until the Coronera€™s Office sent a Unit to transport her to the County Morgue. He attended her funeral and kept Jim apprised of progress on the case. The suspect was indicted, tried, found guilty of Capital Murder and sentenced to death. Typically, execution didna€™t occur for 15 years or more, due to repeated appeals, on the taxpayersa€™ dime, and support from Anti-Death Penalty groups. The convicted murderer was placed on Death Row at the Polunsky Unit in East Texas to await death. But Alice didna€™t get an extra 15 years. Jim met grief-stricken Celia Gomez at a Victimsa€™ Support Group; her husband had also been murdered by a hijacker. Seeking justice, they changed identities, becoming employees of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Institutional Division. After almost 4 years, they worked on Death Row, on the night shift, with the required jobs. They were patient and smuggled pistols on to a€œThe Rowa€; one foggy night the time was right. Their revenge would not be denied. They escaped to Mexico, but Matt was coming after them.The entertainment cabinet in the living room had been built by a local cabinet maker, and a local artist had painted a scene of the Piney Woods on the pocket doors. They found a note inside it, saying, a€œPlay ... Next was a very speeded-up video of the folks mowing, hammering, sawing, hanging sheetrock, painting, laying tile, delivering furniture and installing appliances. The background music to the videoanbsp;...

Title:May God Have Mercy on Your Soul
Author:Jack Jenkins
Publisher:Author House - 2011-09-27


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