Maya Papaya

Maya Papaya

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Eleven-year-old Maya Papayaa€™s ex-circus parents not only left her with a name like a deranged fruit salad, but her very own tail...a four-foot, furry tail with a mind of its own. Mr. Norbert says Maya must keep the tail a super-big secret, and wear the itchy, tail-hiding pants whenever she leaves the house. That means Maya cana€™t have sleepovers or go swimming with the other kids, either, even thought EVERY OTHER eleven-year-old girl at her school gets to have sleepovers and go swimming. Still, Maya lives a very happy life with Mr. Norbert and their many pets...until one day, Mr. Norberta€™s computer tells Maya that shea€™s not really a little girl at all. Before Maya can figure out what THAT means, a knock on the door spins events in motion that send Maya all the way across the world...all the way to India, and into an adventure about the truth of her temperamental tail. (Middle grade fantasy, chapter book, super hero, kids mystery, kids adventure, animal kids, animals, travel kids, kids science)He told Maya it was because most people who drove cars were stark raving mad. He was quite sure at least some of ... She would make pancakes for him for dinner that night. His favorites with the big elephant ears and trunk and the smiley faces and strawberry syrup. That would make up for ... Not because of the floor creaking, but because that was when Mr. Norberta#39;s computer yelled at her. Thata#39;s right.

Title:Maya Papaya
Author:Hunter T. Castle
Publisher:White Sun Press - 2014-01-24


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