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After hijacking a jet to stop the spread of a deadly plague, LAPD Detective Todd McRage has been transferred to the most peaceful precinct in the city, Bel Air. Bored to tears and worried that he's losing his skill at gunplay, McRage soon learns that the suburbs aren't quite what they seem. From the moonshine that's brewed in the basement to the obscene amount of recreational drug use in the halls, Bel Air Precinct One is hiding secrets that might reach all the way to the sadistic and cruel Commissioner Cyrus Black. So when McRage gets a new partner and ita€™s the Commissionera€™s niece, he assumes the worst. Add to that a reporter asking difficult questions, a serial killer wandering the streets, and a possible Nazi running the station, and youa€™ve got the recipe for a very bad week. In a corrupt and dysfunctional police department where following orders might mean breaking the law, Todd McRage might be the only one brave enough to search for the truth, even if the evidence points to a mysterious criminal organization with ties to the Japanese Yakuza, the Chinese Triad, and a group of warriors who might just be immortal. To solve the case McRage might have to do the unthinkable and play the part of a villain, risking his life to become the most wanted man in Los Angeles. McRage is a story of intense action, memorable characters, intriguing plot twists, and bureaucratic insanity. At times hilarious and subversive, ita€™s the tale of one mana€™s quest for survival in a world of violence, conspiracy, and a threat so powerful it may change the face of America forever.How to make and deploy homemade explosives: Step #1: Dona#39;t shit in your own backyard. ... Raid the janitora#39;s closet and the kitchen to collect all the materials youa#39;ll need; in this case, bleach, industrial floor polish, glue, twenty-nine avocados, anbsp;...

Author:Steven Luciw
Publisher:Steven Luciw - 2014-02-18


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