Meals: Healthy Low Carb and Detoxing Recipes

Meals: Healthy Low Carb and Detoxing Recipes

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Meals: Healthy Low Carb and Detoxing Recipes Putting together meals on a budget can be tricky, but it gets even more confusing if you're trying to stick to a healthy diet, too! If you're tired of cookbooks that tell you what you can't eat, but don't provide any worthwhile answers to what you can, it's time for this helpful collection of meal ideas. Whether you're eating low-carb or you're trying to figure out meal planning while you detox, this book is ready to help you. Each section includes a large range of recipes, as well as ideas to help you put them together into complete meals. Plus, at the end of the section you'll find a meal plan designed to help you eat delicious food for a full week without worrying or needing to make difficult decisions. The meal guide isn't set in stone, of course, but it's a great way to get started on your new diet or healthier eating plan. If you've been feeling like you can't cook according to the rules of your diet without hiring a professional meals planner, this recipe book is here to help. It includes great vegetable-based meals like stir-fried veggies and fish or black bean burgers, plus healthy salmon fillets, meatloaf with added veggies, and fantastic summer kabobs. If you've been worried about putting together a health-boosting meal that will satisfy the whole family, the end of your worries is in sight. No one should have to feel as though they can't manage to feed themselves or their family members. Yet many diets seem ready to put you in that position. Get out of the trap of restrictive diets with difficult recipes and choose these simple but healthy meals. You'll love how good they taste, how east they are to prepare, and how much they do to keep you healthy and reduce your waistline.Sweet Popcorn Extravaganza Description Showtime in frontoftheTV willbecomeevenmore exciting when there is a big bowl of crunchy, sweet snacks ready for each turn.Make this light and wholesome finger food ahead of time andkeepinananbsp;...

Title:Meals: Healthy Low Carb and Detoxing Recipes
Author:Denise Jackson, Anne Edwards
Publisher:Speedy Publishing LLC - 2013-10-28


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