Mean Streak

Mean Streak

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In the highest-profile case of her career, Cass defends her ex-lover in federal court Ita€™s hard not to be charmed by Matt Riordan. Ruggedly handsome, with a sharp wit and a voice like Belgian chocolate, he could woo any jury. His clients may be mobsters, but Riordan never seems to have any trouble winning sympathy for them. That charisma worked on Cass Jameson, too, even though she should have been smart enough to know better. A hard-boiled defense attorney whoa€™s made a living going toe to toe with the meanest bastards in Brooklyn, Cass nevertheless fell for the Riordan charma€”right until he broke her heart. Not long after Riordan runs out on her, Cass sees his smiling face on the cover of New York magazine. The most powerful defense attorney in New York has been accused of taking bribes, and he needs Cass to keep him out of jail. When one of Riordana€™s most vicious clients gets involved in the case, a smile wona€™t be enough to keep him alive.WELVE a€œa#39;So what do you think of your blueeyed boy now, Mr. Death?a#39;a€ I tossed the wordsontothe ... But Istill dona#39;t approve, a€ he added, his tone sharpening, a€œof yourclienta#39;s methods of dealing with witnesses he doesna#39;t like.a€ a€œYou dona#39;t seriouslyanbsp;...

Title:Mean Streak
Author:Carolyn Wheat
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2015-02-24


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