Meaning, Expression and Thought

Meaning, Expression and Thought

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This philosophical treatise on the foundations of semantics is a systematic effort to clarify, deepen and defend the classical doctrine that words are conventional signs of mental states, principally thoughts and ideas, and that meaning consists in their expression. This expression theory of meaning is developed by carrying out the Gricean programme, explaining what it is for words to have meaning in terms of speaker meaning, and what it is for a speaker to mean something in terms of intention. But Grice's own formulations are rejected and alternatives developed. The foundations of the expression theory are explored at length, and the author develops the theory of thought as a fundamental cognitive phenomenon distinct from belief and desire, argues for the thesis that thoughts have parts, and identifies ideas or concepts with parts of thoughts. This book will appeal to students and professionals interested in the philosophy of language.In the example we have been using, a€œS is referring to a crooka€ is true on the transparent interpretation, false on the opaque. ... On the transparent interpretation, the sentence implies a€œThe man in question (the one Susan wants to marry) is a crook, a€ which is true. ... Susan may conceive of Ted as a crook even though she would not use the word a€œcrooka€ because she does not speak English, or just does notanbsp;...

Title:Meaning, Expression and Thought
Author:Wayne A. Davis
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2002-11-11


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