Measurement and Modeling of Silicon Heterostructure Devices

Measurement and Modeling of Silicon Heterostructure Devices

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When you see a nicely presented set of data, the natural response is: a€œHow did they do that; what tricks did they use; and how can I do that for myself?a€ Alas, usually, you must simply keep wondering, since such tricks-of- the-trade are usually held close to the vest and rarely divulged. Shamefully ignored in the technical literature, measurement and modeling of high-speed semiconductor devices is a fine art. Robust measuring and modeling at the levels of performance found in modern SiGe devices requires extreme dexterity in the laboratory to obtain reliable data, and then a valid model to fit that data. Drawn from the comprehensive and well-reviewed Silicon Heterostructure Handbook, this volume focuses on measurement and modeling of high-speed silicon heterostructure devices. The chapter authors provide experience-based tricks-of-the-trade and the subtle nuances of measuring and modeling advanced devices, making this an important reference for the semiconductor industry. It includes easy-to-reference appendices covering topics such as the properties of silicon and germanium, the generalized Moll-Ross relations, the integral charge-control model, and sample SiGe HBT compact model parameters.18th Int. Conf. on Noise and Fluctuations, Canary Islands (Spain), 2004. ... User Manual, 2002. ... Compact Modeling Workshop at the International NanoTech Meeting, Boston, MA, Vol. ... See

Title:Measurement and Modeling of Silicon Heterostructure Devices
Author:John D. Cressler
Publisher:CRC Press - 2007-12-13


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