Mediated Nostalgia

Mediated Nostalgia

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Considering the current rash of film remakes, vintage video game downloads, and box sets of bygone television shows, media today is obsessed with nostalgia. Instead of presenting a past that functions as an adaptive mirror with which we can compare our contemporary situation, the past is instead presented as an individualized version that transfixes us as uncritical citizens of our own culture. Mediated Nostalgia: Individual Memory and Contemporary Mass Media argues that the cultural implication of a cross-media eternal return to nostalgia is an increasing reliance on defining who we are as people and societies by what media we consumed as children. The unblinking eye toward the past knows no progress, or at the very least, does not employ the past to compare and adaptively engage with the present or future. Examining film, literature, television, and video games, Ryan Lizardi tackles the idea of why that strong sense of nostalgia is such a popular tactic for the media industry, and why it is problematic.Instead of immediately releasing the game as a download for approximately ten dollars, the constructed compulsive drive was prolonged and ... that begets collecting, re-purchasing, and archiving media texts beloved from onea#39;s own past like the Nintendo 64 GoldenEye. ... That the most powerful video game systems in the industry today are designed with the ability to play vintage games from consolesanbsp;...

Title:Mediated Nostalgia
Author:Ryan Lizardi
Publisher:Lexington Books - 2014-11-06


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