Medicinal Plants in Australia Volume 3

Medicinal Plants in Australia Volume 3

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Plants defend themselves against predators, including man. There are obvious defences such as stinging nettle-like strategies, and burning or blistering latex resins. Others use different methods to incapacitate. They include gastrointestinal distress (vomiting or purgation), blindness, neurological disability, or even asphyxia. This clearly illustrates the ingenuity of plant chemistry which, while daunting, has lead to some rather extraordinary discoveries. The poisonous potential of numerous plants coincides with a medicinal effect that can not be ignored. What is the difference between a poisonous, edible or therapeutic effect?A preliminary study on the carcinogenicity of the common fern Onychium contiguum. Vet Res ... Mystery of the poisoned expedition. Nature. Vol. 368, pp. ... Ford KC. 1975. Las Yerbas de la Gente: A Study of Hispano-American Medicinal Plants. Anthropological Papers No. 60, University of ... 1999. Effect of Bracken ( Pteridium aquilinum) and Dryopteris (Dryopterisjuxtaposita) fern toxicity in laboratory animals. Indian J Exp Biol ... Fern foods of Japan and the problem of toxicity. Americananbsp;...

Title:Medicinal Plants in Australia Volume 3
Author:Cheryll Williams
Publisher:Rosenberg Publishing - 2012-07-01


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