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At one time, the Barker children were just ordinary kids leading ordinary lives; then an extraordinary occurrence gave them both unique super powers and secret lives. Last year, they spent their first year at the super power school, Medlocks Academy. At this schoola€”located in a different solar system from their home on Eartha€”they protected their classmates from an evil trophy that was kidnapping students, and they battled to defeat the villainous Glacthia. A summer in Wisconsin has passed, and the kids are back to Medlocks, facing the daily grind of studying and exams. They also experience regular coming-of-age activities like young love and earning their space car licenses. But this year holds more adventure for these extraordinary kids. One of the Barkers receives a message that the device known as the Metronome has been stolen and will be used for evil. They must settle the ongoing battle with Glachtiaa€”and then they discover there's a traitor among their so that I could make it look like I was doing backflips randomly on the ground. I did a cartwheel, a rounda€”off, then turned it into a back handspring. When I finished the four backflips I added on the end, I turned to go back to the spot andanbsp;...

Author:Dave Berenato
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-10


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