Meet Me In Scotland

Meet Me In Scotland

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You can run from your problems, but you cana€™t hide from love in the Scottish seaside town of Gandiegow.... When a video of her calling happily ever after a€œa foolish fantasya€ goes viral, marriage therapist Emma Castle is out of a joba€”and off to Scotland. The tiny town of Gandiegow is the perfect place to ride out the media storm and to catch up with her childhood friend Claire. But also in Gandiegow is the one man she hoped never to see again. Shea€™s successfully avoided Gabriel MacGregor since Claire and Dominica€™s wedding, only to find hea€™s now the village doctora€”and just as tall, dark, and devilish as ever. Claire and Dominica€™s blissful marriage, however, is not what it used to be. Soon Emma and Gabriel find themselves taking sides even as the sparks begin to fly between them. Can Emma help her friendsa€”or regain her careera€”as she struggles with her own happily ever after?Deydie had a worried frown on her face. ... No way would she buy one here at the storea€”before shea#39;d have time to peeonthe stick, the news would get to Gabriel and havehimknocking down her door, demanding ... A yellow smiley face wasanbsp;...

Title:Meet Me In Scotland
Author:Patience Griffin
Publisher:Penguin - 2015-01-06


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