Membrane Bioreactor Processes

Membrane Bioreactor Processes

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Grasp the Essential Principles of Membrane Bioreactor Processes Evolved from the conventional activated sludge (CAS) process, membrane bioreactor (MBR) processes have become the next-generation solution for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and recycle. Membrane Bioreactor Processes: Principles and Applications explores nearly all the theoretical and practical aspects of membrane bioreactor technologies. Using the authora€™s expertise obtained from academia and industry, this book provides the crucial details on MBR technology that that you need to know. The book details the theoretical and practical backgrounds of current practices involved with membrane module design, biological and membrane system design, system optimization, and system operation. Outlines the State of the Art of the Membrane Bioreactor Technology The text discusses the fundamentals of membrane filtration, emphasizing the principles of submerged membrane filtration. It also explores the complex interaction among key design and operating parameters, offers comprehensive explanations on the interconnectivity between biological and membrane systems, and covers new findings discovered in recent years. This book clearly explains how small-scale systems perform differently from larger-scale systems and its implications in data interpretation. Using this book as a platform, the technology can be developed further and quickly applied in future processes.The exact amount required for cleaning depends on the extent of the fouling and the alkalinity of the mixed liquor, but ... The diffusers consisted of double membranes and a check valve to minimize sludge backflow and to plug the internal air nozzles during the pause mode. ... Scouring MechaniSM Air sparging induces shear stress at the membrane surface as rising air bubbles travel near the membrane.

Title:Membrane Bioreactor Processes
Author:Seong-Hoon Yoon
Publisher:CRC Press - 2015-06-17


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