Memory Hunter

Memory Hunter

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Near-immortal facetakers can shift between bodies at will. Their bitter enemies steal the force of other souls to power superhuman enhancements. The two groups have battled for dominance since the days of the Pharaohs. Most of the modern world knows nothing about them, but Sarah has seen the truth, and that knowledge makes her a target. Barely escaping an attempt on her life, she plunges into an ancient war that threatens to topple the entire world order. Truth is a weapon both sides have wielded for millennia, and Sarah learns her life is built upon lies. History is not what the books say it is. The man she loves is not who he claims to be. An enemy she thought dead is back, seeking revenge, with plans to siphon power from pivotal moments in history in order to reshape the future. With history now the battlefield, time becomes the deadliest weapon of all. Sarah's best chance of survival is buried in the rubble of what really happened at the close of WWII.Will I get to meet your family today?a€ a€œI am afraid not, a€ Quentin said. a€œMy children all ... Roasted lamb followed, with gemista, which was roasted peppers and tomatoes stuffed with rice, raisins and herbs. She was glad she hadna#39;t stopped at theanbsp;...

Title:Memory Hunter
Author:Frank Morin
Publisher:Whipsaw Press - 2015-07-24


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