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In the past, menopause was a 'hidden' taboo topic with so much negativity associated with it. It was seen as a purely physical process linked with degeneration into old age and ill health. However, with woman living longer it has begun to be perceived as a rite of passage into a new way of living and being, linked with more freedom and energy. Menopause itself can still be very debilitating for many women. This book is personal journey into the time of menopause looking at it from a spiritual point of view first and how spirituality can help with physical, mental and emotional symptoms. It seeks to show it as a natural part of life. Personal insights are linked into meditations and mantras to help the reader fully embrace this exciting time of moving into her 'wise woman' time. It helps women take possession of their menopause, rather than the other way round. The author bears her soul with both honesty and humor. A must for any woman nearing menopause and partners who are baffled by the whirlwind of change!I used this to build up my confidence and to empower me but it wasna#39;t quite enough. I had to empower my libido. Imagination and visualisation seemed the next trick up my sleeve. I loved my husband but sometimes familiarity can breedanbsp;...

Author:Colette Brown
Publisher:John Hunt Publishing - 2012


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