Mercenary Angels

Mercenary Angels

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Colonel Mathew Stone and his seven man Special Forces team were the best in the world. But times had changed, and they were slated for early retirement by Uncle Sam. Matt figured they would collect their retirement checks and probably become high paid security guards. But in a bizarre twist, an angel from Heaven appears to Stone and his men, pleading for their help to save an alien planet from evil demons. It's part of a galaxy-wide struggle between good and evil for the souls of millions of humans. The angels are spread too thin and need assistance on the backwards planet of Rytan. Under Heaven's new plan, the coming war on Rytan would have to be contracted out. Wary about the whole situation but bored with their new lives, Stone and his men take the job. Unfortunately, the only allies they find are medieval pacifists trained to flee from the enemy, a fact the angel conveniently left out. Now, all the earthlings have to do is cross an unknown world, turn a continent full of medieval pacifists into an army, and learn the Ways of Power from a Wizard-Priest so they aren't incinerated by demons. Easy, right? WrongFor the next day and a half Delbert had introduced Tyra to all the many wonders of the Rainbow and they temporarily set ... but unlike sprites, he didna#39;t lose water weight when he prepared to fly, which meant hea#39;d never be as good a glider asanbsp;...

Title:Mercenary Angels
Author:John M. Evans
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-05


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