Merchants of Madness

Merchants of Madness

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For decades, Southeast Asiaa€™s Golden Trianglea€”where the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Burma intersecta€”has been infamous for its opium and heroin production. But then, in the 1990s, the drug gangs in the Golden Triangle began to produce methamphetamine, a synthetic drug that does not depend on any unreliable crop such as the opium poppy. In Thailand the drug has become known as yaba, a€œmadness druga€ or a€œmadness medicine.a€ Unlike heroin, which is a a€œdowner, a€ yabaa€”or speeda€”is an a€œuppera€ that makes those who take it hyperactive and often aggressive. It has led to murders, stabbings, and the kidnapping of innocent people. It breaks down the users mentally as well as physically. It is a real a€œmadness drug.a€ But who are the merchants of this madness? This book provides the answer. It is based on extensive research, spanning several decades and including a collection of first-hand accounts of the drug trade from law enforcement officers and intelligence officials alike, as well as sources close to the drug traffickers themselves. This book will lead to a better understanding of the Golden Triangle drug trade, how it all began, and how it has grown to become a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise.Apart from making people stay awake, methamphetamines cause hallucinations and severe dehydration. ... The main market foryaba wasa€”and still isa€”in Thailand, where there is a quicker return for the money and much lessrisk, sincethedruganbsp;...

Title:Merchants of Madness
Author:Bertil Lintner, Michael Black
Publisher:Silkworm Books - 2009-01-05


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