Methadone:Bad Boy of Drug Treatment

Methadone:Bad Boy of Drug Treatment

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Arent they just getting high at taxpayers expense? Does it really ?A‡Aieat your bones? Do they have to stay on that stuff forever? I thought Suboxone meant we wouldnt need methadone anymore. Learn the truth behind the Zombie effect Methadone is one tool in our fight against opiate dependency. As with any tool, it can be used, or it can be abused. We need every tool that we can get. Methadone is not the liquid handcuffs - the addiction is the handcuffs. Methadone can be the key to freedom from those handcuffs if it is used effectively. Addiction cant be contained by jail, and it wont be ignored. It will continue to pull down our culture until we acknowledge its power, and grapple with it in effective and realistic ways.Or they can cut back on their daily intake (remember, it has fewer withdrawal symptoms) and have extra to sell. ... The Suboxone treatment was originally only supposed to last 90 days. ... still coming to the door offering drugs in exchange for a place to a€œhang outa€ and get high, there is little chance for long term sobriety.

Title:Methadone:Bad Boy of Drug Treatment
Author:Rebecca Janes Lmhc Ladc
Publisher:Outskirts Press - 2010-10


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